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Sustainability is a broad concept. It is usually structured according to the 3P's: People, Planet, Profit. Each organization has its own pertinent sustainability issues. Examples include water usage, material scarcity, energy consumption or waste and pollution problems (Planet). The 'People' category includes matters such as working conditions, child labour and fair trade. The burning question for every organization is therefore:

What are my key sustainability themes?

The KWA step-by-step plan for making your organization's activities sustainable includes the following:

  1. Defining clear boundaries in the form of a corporate vision and principles.
  2. Taking stock of sustainability issues within the sector and chain concerned using a Stakeholder analysis.
  3. Selecting the most relevant and strident sustainability issues.
  4. Addressing other sustainability issues that are not selected.
  5. Formulating improvement goals for the issues selected and embedding them in a long-term sustainability policy.
  6. Implementing measures to achieve these goals and considering the human element (learning and support)besides technology.
  7. Communicating on the policy, goals and steps achieved, both internally and externally.
  8. Being patient: sustainability is an ongoing process. Repeating steps 4, 5 and 6 and periodically test their relevance. 

Support for partial aspects

In addition to the above, KWA provides support for partial aspects of sustainability issues such as CO2 footprints, chain studies, implementing performance ladders, safety at work and sustainable energy projects. We would be pleased to exchange our ideas with you on sustainability issues or implementation measures relevant to your organization.

KWA can support you in a broad range of areas that fall under the sustainability umbrella:

  • Sustainability aligned with the KWA Step-by-Step Plan, from vision to implementation
  • Setting up CO2 footprints or CO2 footprint models
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Implementation of ISO 26000 range of ideas
  • Implementation of CSR performance ladder
  • Implementation of CO2 performance ladder
  • Execution of LCA and chain studies
  • Guiding road-mapping processes
  • Implementation and supervision of sustainable energy projects
  • Increasing health and safety at work
  • Sustainable business sites and redeveloping

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