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Organization and process risks: analysing, structuring, coordinating, assuring and optimizing your business operations.

Achieving goals

Your organization knows its objectives and what it wants to achieve. To achieve those objectives processes are required.   Are your processes and the way in which they are organized adequate? How do you arrive at properly functioning processes? What activities does the process require? Who carries them out and what resources do they use? From where does the organization draw the required capacity and competencies? Which employees are involved?

Structuring, coordinating, assuring and optimizing.

We assist your organization to improve its existing processes, design new ones or analyze processes that are not functioning adequately.

KWA has a wealth of experience in analyzing and designing processes and in setting up and implementing bespoke management systems. By identifying the organizational and process risks and aligning the management system accordingly, we coordinate, assure and optimize products, processes and organization. We also focus on improvement and innovation.

Process management and audits are powerful tools for guaranteeing continuous improvement. For more information please see the previous section on Operational Excellence and Audits.

Change management and process guidance are used to make the shift to quality mindedness among the employees of an organization.

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