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Is your health and safety well organized? KWA helps you to make practical improvements

All too often, health and safety are underestimated in an organization. And even if there is a consensus that safety is one of the most important aspects within an organization, it still takes second place. Production, delivery pressure and other aspects are usually given precedence over the safety element.

Safety "Safety constructive instead of invariably hindering"

There is plenty of practical evidence to support the fact that safety is a challenging subject; one that is often excluded from the discipline or primary responsibilities, or appears to be costly. Accidents create a great deal of turmoil, personal drama and organizational stress. Taking additional measures, which were unforeseen when the process was originally designed, not only creates an additional workload but also results in extra costs. This is caused because safety is added too late as a separate element.

H & S is integrated and implemented instead of being treated separately and forgotten

Fortunately, there are many practical examples in which safety can be applied consistently to work activities using an integral approach. The necessary aspects are embedded in the various processes of the organization. And by expanding the line responsibilities to match, safety is not forgotten but included in planned work activities.

KWA provides advice for a practical solution:

  1. KWA has broad experience within a wide range of organizations. We are well versed in practices and focus on two essential spearheads: integrating health and safety preventatively or at the correct moment in the design or preparatory phase. This embeds it as an accepted element of the process and saves you from unexpected, additional costs during implementation.
  2. KWA places the focus on personal contact and guidance, so that your employees can make optimum use of their newly acquired knowledge.

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